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MASPA is the proud sponsor of the MERC Educator Job Fair! Check out more information on the Events page!


Maryland Association of School Personnel Administrators



Mission Statement


The Maryland Association of School Personnel Administrators, the state organization for school personnel practitioners, presents a unified voice on personnel issues for Maryland public school systems and provides leadership in promoting effective Human Resources practices through professional activities and broad based networking.


MASPA is an affiliate of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators.





Organizational Goals

To realize our mission statement, MASPA adopts the following goals:

  1. Understanding that we practice Human Resources in a broader community of learners, MASPA will be an organization dedicated to continuous learning and improvement.;
  2. MASPA will be committed to the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified workforce at all levels in Maryland public schools; and
  3. MASPA will serve as a state-wide advocate for legislation, regulations, policy, and initiatives that promote and support positive and effective Human Resources practices.





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