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Frederick County Public Schools Membership Information

  Gina Keefer       Senior Manager      3016445084      3016445101
  Rob Wedge       Senior Manager Human Resources, Support Staffing      (301) 644-5095      
  Sarah Ianacone       Personnel Officer      301-644-5110      
  Rob Bruno       Personnel Officer      (301) 644-5090      
  Anne Paxton       Personnel Officer      (301) 644-5083      
  Megan Quinn       Personnel Officer      301-644-5099      
  Nicole St. Louis       Staffing Coordinator      301-644-5058      
  Donna Clabaugh       Senior Manager, Benefits and Wellness      301-644-5112      
  Timothy Thornburg       Director of Human Resources      301-644-5086      
  Kathrine Martin       Administrative Secretary      301-305-2299      
  Faye Zimmerman       Senior Executive Secretary-Legal Services      301-696-6851      
  Ashley Joujoute       Secretary      301-644-5100      
  Rachel Whitaker       HR Specialist      301-644-5088      
  Sarah Minnick       Benefits Officer      301-524-6920      
  April Vierra       Teacher Recruiter      301-644-5252      
  Elizabeth Donegan       HR Associate II      301-644-5087      
  Kristin Dale       HR Associate I      301-644-4006      
  Molly Bentz       HR Associate      301-644-5093      
  Christine Hobble       HR Associate I      301-644-5076      
  Julie Wells       Senior Executive Secretary      301-644-5086      
  Evelyn Davis       Benefits Associate I      301-644-5115      
  Barbara Miller       Staffing Coordinator             
  Curtis Scott       Senior Manager             
  Phoebe Barreto             3016445085      

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